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I never realized how many people there are who live to fight, argue and harass people. I have received an obscene amount of hate mail accusing me of not being a TRUE Swan Queen shipper because I refuse to participate in the boycott of OUAT. Apparently, I am also a TRAITOR to SWEN because I multi-ship CS/OQ. Really! Have none of you reviewed my blog. 95% of it belongs to SQ. I think that speaks for itself. As for my relationship with the CS and OQ fandoms, I can sum it up in one word … RESPECT!

Everyone just needs to stay calm about swan queen. 

Plans change. I don’t think that SQ is going to happen right now or even soon for that matter. I think theres a lot more story that has to go on and their relationship isn’t even like at  a point where they can be together and be happy. theres just so much resentment. 

i really hope by the end that they get together but thats no reason to be angry at the actresses. People are mad Jmo didn’t do the interview but they’re also mad that Lana did the interview in a way they didn’t like. These are just people and this is their job. 

Not to mention, they probably have a ton of rules as to what they’re allowed to say. But theres no need to be rude about or call them names. 

Shows change directions all the time. Like How I Met Your Mother went in the total wrong direction. Time will tell. Don’t flip yet. 


Best Swan Mills family moment…

(thank you Lily Sparks


HELL…YES. This right here! Send those sweaters in an XS for both!


Swan Queen AU - Emma and Regina try to come out to Storybrooke. *cough*regina and emma are swen and storybrooke is the sq haters*cough*




Rizzles vs. Swan Queen.


my new vid

Emma & Regina || Time